God Explains Earth To His Angels

They would watch the colors of the sun, birds all around them, animals and insects of all kinds. They would watch the stars and when they came out they would sit with them for hours. Then they began to make things. They began to clear the land, the green earth, the grasses, the trees. They forgot about the sun, the stars, and thought only of what their work could bring. The animals and the birds left them. The insects became angry. I asked about this. They cleared more trees.

They said leave, old man, go away.

One can argue that the poem is environmental in that it addresses ecological issues such as cutting trees and endangering species. Making things could be an allusion to the industrial era that has sullied the air and green earth. Moreover, Bezner's poem concerns the changing relationship between humans and the planet.

On the other hand, the poem is not set on earth but beyond it. The voice is that of God speaking to supernatural beings about human ones. Finally, allusions about how people "began to make things" may or may not be associated with the industrial era, but they are associated with the Book of Genesis in the Bible (God as Maker). Thus Bezner's poem contains two critical aspects of extranatural poetry: divine or supernatural beings and a setting other than earth.

Poems set in the mind may also fall under this category. For instance, is the lyric below by Mary Martin (a dance instructor and English teacher) an erotic/love poem or an extranatural one?

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