"The woodpecker's back there on the feeder,

The endangered one," she says. "I told you

About his red cone head like a hatter.

The woodpecker's back there. On the feeder,

Bigger than I remember and brighter,

Too. Come quick to the window. What a view!

The woodpecker's back. There, on the feeder.

The endangered one." She says, "I told you."


1. For best results, pick a fleeting topic that is repetitious.

2. Compose your first stanza that contains your repeating lines. Craft the lines so that they can be broken into phrases that connect with other lines or so they can shift in meaning when used elsewhere.

3. Plug those lines into the scheme. Now you have only three new lines to create.

4. Compose the triolet so the repeating lines play off the nonrepeating lines.

Other related form,'. Rondel. Form: A thirteen-line, three-stanza poem with repeating lines indicated by capital letters and rhyming ABba abAB abbaA. Follow the same approach as the triolet with more emphasis on the two rhyme words that have to span thirteen lines.

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