Level One

1. Here's the answer to the scansion of Emerson's poem:

|By the | rude bridge | thât arched | the flood, | iThëir flag |tô Ap- | rll' s breeze | unfurled, | |Hére once | the ëmbât- | tied farm- | ers stood | |And fired | tKe sKot | heard round | thë world. |

The above excerpt of "Concord Hymn" has thirteen iambs, one pyrrhic, one spondee and one anapest. Emerson uses four feet per line. If you combine the sound with the feet, you should have identified his meter as iambic tetrameter.

2. Select the best drafts of three poems from your "Work in Progress" file. If you have composed free verse, recast your poems in a regular meter (without worrying about rhyme). If you have rhymed and metered your work already, chose another meter and compose another version. Compare versions and discuss results in your journal.

3. Consult your "Idea File" for at least three ideas for poems involving some sort of movement —the arc of a swing in autumn, say, or the kick of a fired pistol —and compose first drafts, choosing the appropriate sound and meter to enhance the subject matter. (If you do not have three such ideas, conceive three now and compose first drafts according to methods explained above.)

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