Level Two

1. By now you should have done the exercises recommended earlier in this chapter (analyzing the use of the line in magazines, books and anthologies). If not, do them now.

2. Revise the three drafts from the previous Level Two notebook exercise according to the four building blocks in this chapter.

3. Choose an idea from your file that lacks a strong element of drama or emotion —in other words, an idea based on an intellectual concept (contemplation of love, nature, goodness, violence, death, etc.). Compose a draft of that poem using medium-line lengths. Now return to your original idea and revise it to make it more dramatic or emotional; for instance, you might want to insert action (along with a tense voice) to achieve drama or comment (along with a passionate voice) to achieve emotion. Compose a draft of the dramatic-revised idea using short-line lengths and a draft of the emotional-revised idea using long-line lengths. Compare all versions of the same idea and discuss which draft you like best/least in your journal.

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