Levels Two And Three

1. Look at the list of highs, lows and turning points that you created in the previous exercise when you last went through this text. Has any new experience happened that should appear in a revised list? If so, update. Then go through the list again and come up with new incidents for new entries and other incidents for old ones. You'll have at least ten more ideas. Record them as before.

2. Do the library exercise again, coming up with ten more ideas based on research of new listings in reference books.

Chapter Two

Love Poetry

You may think that love poetry needs no introduction. After all, chances are that sometime during your life you have composed or received such verse. But as you'll learn by reviewing the various genres of verse, the best poems often cross borders, borrowing images from nature or politics to enhance a love poem (or vice versa).

How, then, to categorize such work?

For instance, is this lyric by Ruth Daigon, editor of the literary magazine Poets On, a love poem or a nature poem?

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