Notebook level one

1. Evaluate drafts of poems in your "Work in Progress" file that you cast in free verse. (If you have only metered poems, recast three of those into free verse.) In any case, revise drafts according to precepts learned in this chapter.

2. Take three ideas from your "Idea File" and compose each one in prose, using sentences and paragraphs so you end up with three self-contained prose poems. In each work, circle phrases, images, individual words — whatever intrigues you in the piece —and reprint them on a separate sheet of paper. Using techniques illustrated in this chapter, cast those excerpts as lines and stanzas of a structured free verse poem, and title it. Then revise each work again, paying particular attention to voice (as you learned in chapter eight). Compare this method of composition to the one you have been using thus far when writing verse. Discuss the experience in your journal.

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