Sand And Bluegreen Algae

Size impresses a man. Fact. A man is much Larger than grains of sand. Correct. His foot can kick The crest of a sand dune To myriad particles. Right. He's much larger Than blue-green algae. True. His foot can crush Thousands, millions of them. Yes.

The algae grow Sticky coats which grains Of sand, over time, Cling to; a man hates To touch sticky things. Fact. Underwater, The algae climb closer To the sun, slowly building Layers of sand. Correct. A man doesn't see them Harden to reef.

A man

Can build faster than reefs. True. Inside them are paths Twisted as convolutions In his brain: they build The air he breathes, bigger Than any reef. This Impresses the man. And if he kicks what sand And blue-green algae make — Yes —his foot can break.

— Michael Spence

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