Speaking Of Love

Speaking of love was difficult at first. We groped for those lost, untarnished words That parents never traded casually at home, The radio had not devalued. How little there seemed left to us.

So, speaking of love, we chose The harsh and level language of denial Knowing only what we did not wish to say, Choosing silence in our terror of a lie. For surely love existed before words.

But silence can become its own cliché, And bodies lie as skillfully as words, So one by one we spoke the easy lines The other had resisted but desired, Trusting that love renewed their innocence.

Was it then that words became unstuck? That star no longer seemed enough for star? Our borrowed speech demanded love so pure And so beyond our power that we saw How words were only forms of our regret.

And so at last we speak again of love, Now that there is nothing left unsaid, Surrendering our voices to the past, Which has betrayed us. Each of us alone, Obsessed by memory, befriended by desire,

With no words left to summon back our love.

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