The Drowning

We keep pulling him up from the bottom of the Red River in stop-action or slow-motion and replay the splash blooming around his hips.

We correct his dive, restore the promise of his form, each movement clear in the instant of falling.

The moment reversed, we reel him up to where he's still sitting on the bank. Mother covers her bare scalp with hair torn by its roots.

Screams sucked back into her mouth become soft syllables again. Her shredded clothes rewoven. The table set for his return.

Method of composition: Pick appropriate subject matter either from your list of highs, lows and turning points, or from accounts of events you have heard or read about. Re-create scenes from the event and analyze them. Then change the outcome or look for the underlying cause of the outcome or somehow manipulate the outcome to express a greater truth via voice and epiphany.

Re-create a talent or investigate an encounter so others may partake in it. Usually such a lyric focuses on a skill or an experience the poet possesses or knows of and conveys it so the listener knows how it feels.

Here is an example by Mary Martin, a poet, teacher and professional dancer:

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