Varying And Avoiding Certain Titles

Here are two variations of basic titles:

1. The Statement. Instead of a word or phrase, compose a complete sentence. The sentence can function as a suspense, descriptive or label title, as in:

• "When I Feel Your Soul, I Reach for You With These Arms" (suspense)

• "Caution: This Poem Is Armed and Dangerous" (descriptive)

2. The Question. Again, cast your title as a complete sentence in question form, as in:

• "Who in the Green Hate Would Have Known?" (suspense)

• "In Whom Now Shall I Place My Trust?" (descriptive)

Here's a short list of titles that look gimmicky or outdated and turn off readers:

Bleeding Titles. These are ones that contain a word or phrase in the title that connects linguistically to the first line of the poem, as in the made-up poem "Sleepwalkers" connecting to the line: "Already were bedded."

Option: If you like such titles, try to compose them so the first line can stand alone:

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