What Happens

In Alma, Nebraska, at midnight into a spring storm the young doctor goes out. He says he is going to deliver the widow's baby. I am sitting in the parlor with my new friend, our landlady, who is painting my nails what she calls a good color. She paints her own and tells the story of the widow. Outside the window the rosy snow comes down on the crocus.

After explaining the situation in the opening lines, Raz sets the poem in the parlor with a friend and uses images to highlight the irony of painting her nails "a good color" (as the narrator longs to paint the world a rosier hue). What happens, then, is an epiphany.

As a general rule, you should link the title to the epiphany in a poem. This approach not only will help you conceive the best title for your work, but also will forebode key elements therein. Now let's consider other elements of craft involving titles.

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