Adding Emphasis

Add emphasis to your slide through the use of color and by putting the most important information in a larger print size, down to the least important in smaller size.

Take care that even your smallest print can be read by the audience, making use of abbreviations where necessary. Then make your choices consistent throughout the set of slides.

Italics are sometimes used effectively to add emphasis. However underlining is not effective. A form of emphasis that is seldom considered to be in good taste is the use of exclamation points. A total of one exclamation point might occur on an entire set of slides without appearing to add an unprofessional touch to the presentation.

You will decrease your need for emphasis if you avoid putting whole sentences or lengthy phrases on your slides and instead using only key words or brief phrases. This permits you to give effective emphasis by what words you choose, your tone of voice, where you pause, and the words you stress. The audience will appreciate your style and understand your slides better.

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