Being An Artist

Computers permit us to make beautiful slides: They let us use color, insert photographs, and even add motion. However, please be gentle with your audience. Such additions such as color, photographs, or motion are good only if they help your slides be:

Unfortunately, software programs for creating slides have not, as we hoped, solved the problem of poor slides. However, such programs have made it much easier to create an excellent and memorable set of slides.

You are a scientist, and, when you make slides about your work, you also become an artist. Your aim is to create slides which add to, not distract from, your message. To make artistic slides you need to give as much thought to the size and placement of areas of space as you do to your use of print and color. In the end you want your slides to show that you care enough about your work to produce slides that are clear and pleasing to the eye but do not look like gaudy commercial advertisements. The audience appreciates a good set of slides but they are interested in your research not in how capable you are of using bizarre colors or images revolving or shooting in or out of the screen. Challenge yourself to make attractive but scientific looking slides.

We will draw the curtain and show you the picture.

- Shakespeare The Tempest Act I, scene v

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