Disappearing Differences between British English and North American English

In the process of becoming a world language, differences between British and North American English are fast disappearing. Some differences in lexicon exist: 'lorry'/'truck', 'torch'/'flashlight', 'boot'/'trunk', 'pudding'/'dessert', 'pram'/'baby buggy', 'nappy'/'diaper', 'sweet'/'candy', 'biscuit'/'cookie', and 'wallet'/'billfold', but none of these are words that appear commonly in science.

Few, if any, differences in grammar are found any more. Spelling differences are still noticeable, but even these are fast fading under the influence of the Internet.

In days of old, when Knights were bold, And science not Invented. The Earth Was flat, And that Was that, with no One discontented.

- anonymous, 1800s

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