The Final Result

You want to make every effort to complete your slides so that the final result looks like a set. Perhaps you are using several slides you have used in the past. Fine, but now redo them so that they match the others in this presentation.

Fortunately the ability to scan in material and the help of computer software make it easy to redo old slides so that they become a professional-looking part of a set. So, take the time to make your slides have some common elements that help them look like a set. Ideally throughout the set you have already used the same style of font, varieties of color, and emphasis techniques on each slide. Perhaps you have chosen to use the same background fill of pale color throughout, or you may have invented some other distinctive but still tasteful touch to make it clear that your slides are a set.

The best result will be a set of slides that serves information kaiseki style. 'Kaiseki' is a quietly impressive way of serving food at elegant banquets in Japan. Many, small, attractive, well-prepared dishes, are served sequentially and with grace. Think of your presentation as a banquet and your slides as the food.

Then serve your information by putting only a small, tasty dish on each slide. Ideally you will have many slides, each requiring less than a minute of explanation. This way the information on your slides will be clear, and the minds of the audience can feast happily on your well-prepared information.

Now, you have a complete and tasteful set of slides, and now all you have to do is to become master of your slides. You will show the audience you are the master, not the victim, of your slides by the music of your voice and by your body language.

Why, then the world's mine oyster.

- Shakespeare Merry Wives of Windsor Act II, scene ii

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