Which Hand and How to Stand

Where you stand and in which hand you hold the laser is an important part of your body language. When you stand to the left of the screen, use the laser in your right hand; when you stand to the right of the screen, use the laser in your left hand. If you move as you talk so that you go to the other side of the screen, switch the hand holding the laser so that you do not either put your arm across your body or turn your back to the audience. Be brave. Face them all the time and do it without closing your body off with your arms.

Recently in Philadelphia, a presenter giving a plenary lecture at an international meeting displayed an unusual and effective technique. He steadied his laser hand by putting his other hand on the wrist of the hand holding the laser. This way he could hold the spot steady for several seconds. He did not turn his back nor look at the screen himself for more than a brief glance. He was well-prepared: He knew what was on his slides; he showed the audience he knew. He was an expert. You can be one too.

Signs Of Attraction

Signs Of Attraction

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