Writing Research Articles for Publication

Every scientist in the world who is doing valuable research owes it to the world to publish clear, concise results. Only when these are published internationally will other scientists doing similar research be able to know what is being done elsewhere.

Part I contains information about the art of writing articles for publication to help you get published in an international journal.

• Chapter 2 gives you a model for self-analysis to help you construct a data bank that will give you the detailed help that fits your own individual writing needs.

• Chapter 3 guides you in ways to edit your writing successfully.

• Chapter 4 explains recent changes largely due to the influence of the Internet, and suggests new changes that are coming.

• Chapter 5 deals with writing abstracts, proposals, and cover letters.

The fact that we speak and write to each other in English does not mean we should conduct our mental explorations in English, for other languages may have patterns of thought vital for the future development of science. So let scientists communicate among countries in English but without losing the riches within their native languages.

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