Analysis of a Process

A process is a sequence of operations directed toward a spe-ci6c end. Knitting a sweater, for example, is a process, from buying the pattern and wool to the final blocking and shaping. So is the election of a political candidate or registering for college.

In most cases the steps are clearly defined. The writer's task is first to understand the process, analyzing its stages in his or her own mind; and second to explain those stages clearly. Here is an example, more abstract than knitting a sweater, describing the methodology of science:

[T]here is a fairly clear pattern of the operation of the scientific method. First, regularities are recognized as such and recorded. Then, a formulation is sought which, preferably in the simplest and most general way, contains these regularities. This then has the status of a law of nature. The newly formulated law may, and usually will, predict further regularities which were previously unknown. Finally, the objective is a combination of two or more of these laws into a still more general formulation. For instance, the great significance of Einstein's theory of special relativity is due to the fact that it provides a combination of the electromagnetic laws with those of mechanics. Kurt Mendelssohn

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