Brackets (which look like this: [ ]) are used in composition to enclose within a quotation any words that are not a part of it. Sometimes a writer needs to explain or comment on something in the quotation. The sample sentence by Gilbert Seldes in the section on parentheses contains such editorial addition set within brackets. In the following passage the writer adds a comment within the words spoken by a guide conducting tourists around Jerusalem:

"This area," he would say as he showed us one of the Victorian monstrosities, "this area [it was one of his favorite words] is very rich in antiquity." Aldous Huxley

Sometimes, too, it is necessary to alter a quotation slightly to fit it into its grammatical context—adding an auxiliary verb or an ending, for instance. Any such addition to the actual quotation must be enclosed in brackets:

Johnson writes that "monkeys ... [are] held in great esteem by the tribe."

Finally, brackets are used to enclose parenthetical matter within parentheses (though such a labyrinthine style would be, with rare exceptions [of which this is not one], both unusual and annoying).

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