A diacritic is a mark placed above, below, or through a letter in order to indicate a special pronunciation. Diacritics are employed because the number of letters in any language is usually fewer than the number of different sounds. Diacritical marks thus supplement the alphabet, enabling a single letter to do the work of two. English, while it certainly has more sounds than letters, has dispensed with diacritical marks except for the diaeresis occasionally seen in words like naïve or cooperate (meaning that the vowel is to be pronounced as a separate syllable).

But diacritical marks are common in some other languages—the accents grave and acute and the cedilla of French, Ç' ,); the umlaut of German ("); or the tilde of Spanish (~). When you use a foreign word not yet assimilated into English, reproduce the diacritics that the word has. (If you are typing, it is easiest to put these in with pencil afterwards.)

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