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> List all the transitional devices that link the sentences in the following paragraph:

Above the beginner's level, the important fact is that writing cannot be taught exclusively in a course called English Composition. Writing can only be taught by the united efforts of the entire teaching staff. This holds good of any school, college, or university. Joint effort is needed, not merely to "enforce the rules"; it is needed to insure accuracy in every subject. How can an answer in physics or a translation from the French or an historical statement be called correct if the phrasing is loose or the key word wrong? Students argue that the reader of the paper knows perfectly well what is meant. Probably so, but a written exercise is designed to be read; it is not supposed to be a challenge to clairvoyance. My Italianborn tailor periodically sends me a postcard which runs: "Your clothes is ready and should come down for a fitting." I understand him, but the art honor him for is cutting cloth, not precision of utterance. Now a student in college must be inspired to achieve in all subjects the utmost accuracy of perception combined with the utmost artistry of expression. The two merge and develop the sense of good workmanship, or preference for quality and truth, which is the chief mark of the genuinely educated man. Jacques Barzun

> The paragraph below lacks unity. The problem may be inadequate links between sentences, or it may go deeper, involving incoherence of thought. Rewrite the paragraph, staying as close as possible to the original wording but changing what needs to be changed to give the paragraph coherence and flow:

There are several kinds of test. Quizzes deal with only a small amount of material, usually that covered in the preceding week or two. Pop quizzes are often given without any announcement. Students often miss them and have to arrange makeups. Examinations are longer and cover more ground. The midterm comes in about the sixth or seventh week and in some courses is the only grade the teacher has for the midsemester mark. It is important. The final comes at the end of the course and is a large part of your grade. Students work hard preparing for finals.


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