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t> Which of the following statements are fragments? Revise them in two ways: first by turning the fragment into a grammatically complete sentence in its own right, and second by incorporating it into a sentence within which it serves as a modifier:

In the morning when the sun came up. The party broke camp.

2. Most people are honest. Making an effort, for example, to find the owner of a wallet they picked up on a busy street.

3. That girl is very nice. The one you introduced me to.

4. School is not so difficult. If you don't let your work pile up.

5. Not everyone likes football. My brother, for instance.

6. Older people who lived through the Depression and the Second World War. And experienced great changes in our society.

7. The boy climbing the tree. That's my cousin.

8. Although he wasn't at fault. Everybody blamed him.

9. That man running down the street. He stole this lady's purse.


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