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t> The following sentences all exhibit balanced construction. Some exhibit a simple one-to-one balance; others are more complicated. Identify the general pattern of each, whether-/

I was enjoying the privilege of studying at the world's finest universities; Negroes at home were revolting against their miserable condition. Stanley Sanders

As for me, am no more yours, nor you mine. Death hath cut us asunder; and God hath divided me from the world and you from me. Sir Walter Raleigh

For aristocrats and adventurers France meant big money; for most Englishmen it came to seem a costly extravagance.

Geoffrey Hindley

Then she shrieked shrilly, and fell down in a swoon; and then women bare her into her chamber, and there she made overmuch sorrow. Sir Thomas Malory

Heaven had now declared itself in favour of France, and had laid bare its outstretched arm to take vengeance on her invaders.

David Hume

The more we saw in the Irishman a sort of warm and weak fidelity, the more he regarded us with a sort of icy anger.

G. K. Chesterton

Building ceases, births diminish, deaths multiply; the nights lengthen, and days grow shorter. Maurice Maeterlinck

In a few moments everything grew black, and the rain poured down like a cataract. Francis

He could not keep the masses from calling him Lindy, but he convinced them that he was not the Lindy type. John Lardner

In literature there is no such thing as pure thought; in literature, thought is always the handmaid of emotion. J. Middleton Murry

> Choosing different subjects from those in the text, compose five balanced sentences modeled upon examples in the preceding question.

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