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> Identify the qualifications in these passages and decide whether they are effective:

To my mind King James's Bible has been a very harmful influence on English prose. 1 am not so stupid as to deny its great beauty. It is But the Bible is an oriental book. Its alien imagery has nothing to do with us. Those hyperboles, those luscious metaphors, are foreign to our genius. W. Somerset Maugham

"When the belly is full," runs the Arab proverb, "it says to the head, 'Sing, fellow!' " That is not always so; the belly may get overfull. Such a proverb clearly comes from a race familiar with bellies painfully empty. Yet it remains true, I think, that when the body is in radiant health, it becomes extremely difficult for it not to infect the mind with its own sense of well-being. F. L. Lucas

> Four pairs of sentences follow. Revise each pair twice, combining them into a single sentence to make an effective qualification. In the first revision of each pair use idea (1) as the main point and (2) as the qualification; in the second, reverse the relationship. Try to keep to the wording, but you may change the order of the clauses and add qualifying words:

A. (1) Baseball is the great American game.

(2) Its supremacy is being challenged by other sports.

B. The Romans are regarded as culturally inferior to the Greeks. (2) The Romans created a great and long-lasting empire.

C. Exercise is necessary to

(2) Too much exercise, or the wrong kind, can hurt you.


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