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> Analyze the cause-effect pattern in the following paragraph by making a rough diagram like that following the passage by A. J. Liebling.

It has been a cruel decade for the magazine business. Rising production costs, postal increases and soaring paper prices have made it much more difficult to turn a profit. Television has proved a tough competitor for advertising and audience, and many of the mass circulation giants, among them Life, Look, and The Saturday Evening Post, have floundered or failed in the contest. Nancy Henry

> Compose a single paragraph developing three or four reasons to support one of the following topics:

The enormous increase in the cost of housing The contemporary mania for exercise

The expansion of professional sports in the last twenty-five years Racial (or sexual or religious) bias

Why you like solitary activities—for example, hiking, jogging, bicycling, why you do not

Consider carefully the order of the reasons and be sure they are clearly linked. Feel free to use an illustration, a restatement, a comparison or contrast, but give the bulk of the paragraph to reasons.

> Now, using the same topic, compose a paragraph discussing three or four effects.


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