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> Study the paragraph below. Identify the topic sentence. Where do the examples begin? Are they explicitly introduced? Do you think them clear and effective, adequately supporting the topic? Why or why not?

Primitive peoples often build much of their religious and cultural behavior on this belief in the natural relationship of word and thing. For example, they believe that to know the name of an object, person, or deity is to gain a certain control over it: in Baba and the Forty Thieves," the words "Open Sesame!" cause the stone doors of the cave to move aside. Conversely, certain powers in the universe are thought to dislike the use of their names by mortals. Words are therefore tabooed, or euphemisms and descriptive phrases are invented such as the little people instead of fairies. The Greeks came to call those vengeful mythological creatures whose "real name" was Erinyes (or Furies) the Eumenides (or "good-tempered ones"). W. Nelson Francis

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