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O Identify the analogies in the following paragraph. What purpose does each serve? Do you think they are effective?

am an explorer, then, and am also a stalker, or the instrument of the hunt itself. Certain Indians used to carve long grooves along the wooden shafts of their arrows. They called the grooves "lightning marks," because they resembled the curved fissures lightning slices down the trunks of trees. The function of lightning marks is this: if the arrow fails to kill the game, blood from a deep wound will channel along the lightning mark, streak down the arrow shaft, and spatter to the ground, laying a trail dripped on broadleaves, on stones, that the barefoot and trembling archer can follow into whatever deep or rare wilderness it leads. am the arrow shaft, carved along my length by unexpected lights and gashes from the very sky, and this book is the straying trail of blood. Annie Dillard

> Analogies are personal things that must grow out of one's experience and values. Here, however, are a few possibilities:

Reading a difficult book and climbing a mountain A library and a cemetery

A person's (or a nation's) conception of reality and the wearing of glasses

Try to develop an analogy in a single paragraph. The usual procedure is to begin with the main topic (placed first in these examples), or you may prefer to start off with the analogy, moving from there into your main topic.


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