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t> Selecting one of the general subjects listed below, compose ten topic sentences, each on a different aspect of the subject, with an eye to developing a paragraph of about words. Aim at clarity, emphasis, concision. Experiment with placing key words at the end of the sentence and with one or two rhetorical questions and fragments.

The economic future as you see it National or local politics Popular entertainment Sports

Sexual relationships t> Make an outline like that for Russell's paragraph, showing how the sentences of the following paragraph relate to its ideas. The analysis might begin like this:

Sentence Idea

1 Topic: a paradox about grammar

2 Specification: first part of the paradox—people regard grammar as dull

> [1] A curious paradox exists in regard to grammar. [2] On the one hand it is felt to be the dullest and driest of academic subjects, fit only for those in whose veins the red blood of life has long since turned to ink. [3] On the other, it is a subject upon which people who would scorn to be professional grammarians hold very dogmatic opinions, which they will defend with considerable emotion.

[4] Much of this prejudice stems and confusion. seldom have a clear idea of what unfortunate confusion about the itself.

from the usual sources of preju-[5] Even highly educated people grammarians do, and there is an meaning of the term "grammar" W. Nelson Francis

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