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Purpose, strategy, and style are decided by you. But the decision must be made within limits set by rules over which you have little control. The rules fall into three groups: grammar, usage, and mechanics.


Grammar means the rules which structure our language. The sentence "She dresses beautifully" is grammatical. These variations are not:

Her dresses beautifully. Dresses beautifully she.

The breaks the rule that a pronoun must be in the subjective case when it is the subject of a verb. The second violates the conventional order of the English sentence: subject-verb-object. (That order is not invariable and may be altered, subject to other rules, but none of these permits the pattern: "Dresses beautifully she.")

Grammatical rules are not the pronouncements of teachers, editors, or other authorities. They are simply the way people

speak and write, and if enough people begin to speak and differently, the rules change.

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