Point of View Persona and Tone

Point of View

Thus far we have looked at how to begin and end essays and how to help readers follow the flow of thought. It remains to consider several other aspects of a composition, more abstract but no less important. These are point of view, persona, and tone.

Point of view relates to how you present a subject. Two approaches are possible. In a personal point of view you play the role of writer openly, using "I," "me," "my." An impersonal point of view, on the other hand, requires that you avoid all explicit reference to yourself. The difference is not that in a personal point of view the subject is the writer, while in an impersonal one it is something else. Every subject involves, though it is not necessarily the writer. The difference is a question of strategy.

On many occasions one point of view or the other is preferable. Some topics so intimately involve the writer that they require a presentation. It would sound silly to describe your summer vacation impersonally. Don't be afraid to use "I" if it fits your subject and purpose.

On other occasions a personal point of view is not appropriate. A scientist, writing professionally, usually tries to keep

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