Aside from being concrete or abstract, words may also be general or specific. Here, too, it is a matter of degree. A general word designates a class: for example, is a general (or generic) term for all kinds of feelings. Fear is more specific, and terror, a particular kind of fear, more specific still. It is a common error to pick words that mean too much, to name an entire class when what you wish to signify is something less:

Thrift is not one of their attributes. (For virtues) The novel has far too many people. (For characters)

Hardy's poem allows the reader to experience the crashing of the iceberg and the ship. (For forces or makes)

On the other hand, there is nothing inherently wrong with general words. Sometimes you do want to refer to any or all feelings and then emotion is exactly the right word. If you mean humanity in general and not men or women or adults or Americans or Norwegians, then write

People differ considerably in their religious beliefs.

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