Ellard and Rogers p Ten Commandments of Question Writing

I. Thou shalt not create double-barreled items.

II. Thou shalt not use 'no' and 'not' or words beginning with 'un.'

III. Thou shalt match the vocabulary used in items to the vocabulary of those who will respond to them.

IV. Thou shalt not use complex grammatical forms.

V. Thou shalt have 40% to 60% true- or agree-keyed items.

VI. Thou shalt not use redundant or irrelevant items.

VII. Thou shalt not permit any loaded questions to appear in your questionnaire.

VIII. Thou shalt not mix response formats within a set of questions.

IX. Thou shalt not permit a non-committal response.

X. Thou shalt pretest questions before collecting data.

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