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There is no shortage of books on questionnaires; many relevant and useful works have been written on the topic in such diverse disciplines as psychology, measurement theory, statistics, sociology, educational studies, and market research. In the L2 field a very recent volume by J. D. Brown (2001) provides a comprehensive account of survey research (which uses questionnaires as one of the main data gathering instruments), offering a detailed account of how to process questionnaire data either statistically or qualitatively. In the field of psychological measurement, two companion volumes by Aiken (1996, 1997) provide up-to-date overviews of questionnaires, inventories, rating scales, and checklists. Of the many books specifically focusing on questionnaire design I would like to highlight three: Oppenheim's (1992) summary is the revised version of his classic work from 1966, and Sudman and Bradburn's (1983) monograph is also a seminal volume in the area. Finally, Gillham's (2000) recent slim monograph is refreshing with its readable and entertaining style.

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