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"The world is full of well-meaning people who believe that everyone who can write plain English and has a modicum of common sense can produce a good questionnaire. This book is not for them."

As already mentioned in the Introduction, my interest in questionnaires is pragmatic and practice-driven. I use them all the time and I would like the measures obtained by them to meet high research standards. Having fallen into many of the existing pitfalls several times, I intend for this book to offer concrete suggestions on how to use questionnaires to best effect and how to save ourselves a lot of trouble. Drawing on my own experience and a review of the literature, I will summarize the main principles of constructing and administering questionnaires, and outline the key issues in processing and reporting questionnaire data.

I would like to emphasize right at the onset that this is a 'questionnaire book,' which means that I will not go into much detail about issues that go beyond the immediate scope of the subject; for example, I will not elaborate on topics such as overall survey design, statistical procedures, or qualitative data analysis. There are many good summaries that cover these issues well, and I have listed some that I have found particularly useful in the past in the 'Further reading' section on page 5.

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