Production questionnaires DCTs are not questionnaires

The term 'production questionnaire ' is a relatively new name for a popular instrument - traditionally referred to as a DCT or 'discourse completion task' - that has been the most commonly used elicitation technique in the field of interlanguage pragmatics (cf. Bardovi-Harlig, 1999; Johnston, Kasper & Ross, 1998). Although several versions exist, the common feature of production questionnaires is that they require the informant to produce some sort of authentic language data as a response to situational prompts. For example:

Rushing to get to class on time, you run round the corner and bump into one of your fellow students who was waiting there, almost knocking him down.

The student: Never mind, no damage done.

It is clear that these 'questionnaires' are not questionnaires in the same psychometric sense as the instruments discussed in this book. They are written, structured language elicitation instruments and, as such, they sample the respondent's competence in performing certain tasks, which makes them similar to language tests.

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