Sample Instructions for semantic differential scales

The following section of the questionnaire aims at finding out about your ideas and impressions about SOMETHING. In answering the questions we would like to ask you to rate these concepts on a number of scales. These all have pairs of opposites at each end, and between these there are 7 dashes. You are to place a check mark on one of the seven positions, indicating how you feel about the particular concept in view of the two poles. For example, if the scales refer to "listening comprehension tasks" and you find these rather useless and fairly easy, you can place your check marks as follows:


difficult_:_:_:_:_: X :_ easy useless _: X :_:_:_:_:_useful

In the following items please place your check marks rapidly and don't stop to think about each scale. We are interested in your immediate impression. Remember, this is not a test and there are no right or wrong answers. The "right" answer is the one that is true for you. Be sure to make only one check mark on each scale. Thank you!

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  • johnathan
    How to mark semantic differential scale?
    8 years ago

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