A PS Gets Read

A P.S. is most effective when it reiterates what action you want your readers to take, and what they'll get if they do what you ask.

For example, Amanda, an accounts receivable manager in a bank, used a P.S. in her collection letters. "I'd often say something like, 'Thanks for seeing that account #1234 is brought up-to-date, or call me directly at ext. 321 to avoid further action being taken.' It's not overly aggressive, but the implication is clear. Pay me or call me, or else."

One advantage of using a P.S. is that there's a good chance it will be read. People who scan letters are more likely to read your P.S. than the body of your letter. If you decide to add a P.S., summarize your best benefit and remind readers of the action to take.

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