Aim to Use Dynamic Pronouns

Using the pronouns you and your is one of the easiest ways to focus on your readers. Consider the revised sentence discussed above:

Your microbiological tests will be turned around more quickly, and you'll enjoy a higher degree of accuracy than was previously available, because our new facility is now open and ready for your business.

Try starting a sentence using either you or your to announce that your new lab is open that doesn't mention a benefit. Go ahead, try it.

As soon as you turn the spotlight onto your readers, you invariably highlight issues that matter to them—benefits. Here are some examples of what other people have come up with by starting the sentence with the pronouns you or your:

• "Your concern for your patients is why we strive to achieve perfection . . . "

• "You know how important it is that your patients have trust in their test results . . ."

Note that each example focuses on an important issue of concern to readers—and expresses it as a benefit. The more benefits you write about, the more likely your readers are to read your material and ultimately respond as you ask.

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