Convenient for appropriate convenient to nearby

• Des Moines is convenient for all of us.

• Des Moines is convenient to Chicago.

differ about (something) differ from (something else) differ with (a person) different from (distinct) different than (compared to)

• We differed about research methodology, not personnel.

• My current research differs from Josie's in significant ways.

• I differ with Josie over the methodology we plan to use.

• My research is different from Josie's.

• I view it in a different way than Josie does.

knocked on (to rap or tap on some thing)

knocked out (to cause to lose consciousness; slang, informal, used in business writing: to be extremely impressed)

• Before entering, I knocked on the door.

• When I pushed open the door, it hit his head and he was knocked out.

• Slang: I was knocked out by Matthew's terrific idea.

speak to (inform)

speak with (share ideas with)

• Mr. Peterson insists on speaking to them personally about the schedule.

• Mr. Peterson hopes you'll speak with them about the schedule.

to (up to but not including x) through (up to and including x)

• The leak spread to the chairman's office.

• The leak spread through the chairman's office.

Prepositions can be tricky. Use the above listing as a guide, so you'll be certain to avoid common pitfalls.

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