Exercise Analyze Personality

Consider members of a senior executive committee. You can't know these individuals, of course, but for the purpose of this exercise, speculate on the kinds of people you would expect to comprise Brad's audience.

What do you think? What personality mix would you expect to find in the members of this midsize manufacturing company's senior executive committee?

If you said every personality type, you're probably right. That's almost always what you find in a mixed group. Remember, when you determine that your audience includes all personality types, start by addressing the Producers and then include everyone else.

Brad said, "In thinking about personality, most of the senior executives are pretty aggressive and technical in orientation—they're Producers and Data Collectors. But there are others on the committee who aren't technical or aggressive at all. I'm thinking of the senior vice president for new product development. He's responsible for new ideas, and he's really creative and fun—he's obviously an Optimist. And the senior VP of human resources, she's got some Data Collector in her, but she's also strongly an Accommodator. I decided that I needed to start by appealing to the Producers, followed by the other personality types."

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