Exercise Use the Formality Index

With that background, put yourself in Brad's shoes and consider the proper level of formality by answering the three questions discussed in the model (see page 12). What score do you come up with?

Brad explained, "This exercise was interesting to me. I was certain that my score would indicate that the report should be quite formal, but what I came to realize is that I'm quite formal, so my inclination is that formal is always the best approach. Actually, when I calculated the score, I realized that I was wrong—I'd been looking at the situation only through my own perspective. The facts support a less formal approach.

"Specifically, I know the committee members well and personally. We're not best friends, but we have mutual respect for one another, and we've all worked together for years, so I scored the first question about how well I know them a 4. I'm below them all in rank, but I'm pretty senior within the company, so I scored the second question a 2.5. I am absolutely delivering good news. My arguments are compelling. I ranked that question a 5. Tally them up and my score totals 11.5, quite informal. It was good for me to know that an informal approach was appropriate."

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