Thank you for including me on yesterday's conference call. After the call, it's clear that you and I need to come up with a system that ensures I'm kept up-to-date on ABC business—we need to coordinate more effectively. How do you think you'd like to handle this? Would you keep me up-to-date at every step along the way? Let's meet tomorrow to discuss a plan of action.

Best, Paula

Note that adding references to Jim forced Paula to write less emotion-ally—always a good idea in business With the new focus on Jim and his needs, the Empathy Index became positive. (Note that the references to Jim ["them"] are in boldface and the references to Paula ["us"] are underlined. The word "we" isn't counted because it refers to both Jim and Paula. Likewise, the word "Let's" [i.e., "Let us"] isn't counted for the same reason.)

Them 6

Empathy Index 1

Not only does the E-mail become more positive, it also becomes more action oriented, and as such, is much more likely to achieve Paula's objective: for Jim to include her in updates.

0 0

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