Influence Decisionmakers And Get The Response You Want

Through case studies, examples, and hands-on exercises, you will learn to use my three-step model to respond in all media. You'll read examples that reflect the kind of writing you do every day—from E-mails and the Web to traditional reports, from sales letters to collection letters, and from proposals to memos.

Specifically, you will learn to write:

• E-mail subject lines that get your messages opened ahead of the pack

• proposals that persuade others to your point of view

• memos and letters that express your ideas succinctly

• Web copy that encourages interactivity

• workbooks and training materials that motivate students to learn

• reports that influence decision-makers

You'll learn strategies to adapt the valuable guidelines and techniques used by today's most successful business writers. Through exercises and lively debriefings, you'll discover how to write persuasively. Whatever the media, you'll know how to achieve these critical business objectives:

1. Motivate readers to specific action (for example, "request a personalized quote" or "call for further information").

2. Create just the image you seek to convey (conservative and professional, for instance, or informal and playful).

3. Write error-free documents in one-third less time. (By following the three-step system, the writing process is streamlined.)

4. Catch even the hardest-to-find mistakes. (Specific proofing tactics go beyond the basics; not only will typos and the like be found, but learning to fix common errors encourages critical evaluation.)

5. Avoid common mistakes that undermine individual and organizational credibility (such as run-on sentences and improper punctuation).

6. Rivet readers' attention to get E-mails and letters opened and read (by providing meaningful information in the subject line of an E-mail or in the opening line of a letter, for example).

Everyone who writes for business will benefit from this book. Experienced writers will enjoy a refresher course and pick up dozens of timesaving tips. Novices will learn an approach proven to quickly and efficiently generate written communications. You will learn everything you need to know to get your ideas across clearly and persuasively. Through exercises and practice—and by reading alternative solutions to the exercises—you'll learn how to use my tried-and-true three-step model to dramatically improve your writing.

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