Level Two Evaluate Clarity Grammar Organization and Completeness

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Nancee, a self-employed makeup artist, writes sales letters, proposals, business correspondence, E-mails, and Web copy. "I hate to write!" she explains. "But in business, I have to. So I do. What I've learned over the years, though, is that people hire me for my expertise and upbeat personality, not my writing ability, or as I like to joke, my writing inability! Still, I know how important it is that I convey a highly professional image. Proofing matters a lot."

In evaluating Nancee's circumstances, it's clear that the second level of proofing is appropriate. Her projects have the following characteristics:

• external, but not part of the public record

• short to medium in length

• simple to somewhat complex

• medium risk, with relatively minor consequences associated with errors or inaccuracies

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