Narrative Lists

It's important to use the same verb tense within a list. Consider the following sentence, for example:

Applicants will be interviewed, tested, and after the interview they can ask questions.

Notice the first two verbs are in the past tense: interviewed and tested. The last verb, however, is constructed differently: can ask. It would be better to maintain the same grammatical construction throughout:

Applicants will be interviewed, tested, and invited to ask questions.

Consider this sentence:

The job description must be rewritten, we must advertise the position, and interviews must commence by the end of the week.

Adhering to the principle of parallel construction, it would be better to write:

By the end of the week, we must rewrite the job description, advertise the position, and begin interviewing.

Note a similar issue in the following sentence: The beginning is constructed differently from the end.

Customers rely on our design and engineering expertise, and we're able to build and landscape, too.

It would be better to write:

Customers rely on our expertise in designing, engineering, building, and landscaping.

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