Select The Best Word To Express Your Meaning

It's important that you avoid clich├ęs. Words and phrases that are trite fail to make believable points. To succeed at encouraging action, you need to find fresh ways to express yourself.

FURY is an acronym designed to assist you in selecting specific words and phrases. FURY stands for:

Familiar (e.g., sponsorship is a better word choice than aegis, for example, even though it's longer)

Unique (i.e., technical terminology and industry jargon) Rich (e.g.,pizzazz is better than good)

Four favorite (i.e., the goal is not to produce writing that sounds like everybody else's but rather to find your own voice and style)

In other words, the best word is the one that's most Familiar to your target readers, unless the word in question is Unique, was selected to add Richness to the text, or is Your favorite. This tool is a handy way to make decisions about which words and phrases to use. Use the principle of FURY as you write your first draft and during the revision process.

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