Mr. Wilson's name, title, and company address

Dear Mr. Wilson:

Your company has been one of our vendors for several years. Each year we purchase a maintenance contract. On September 8 of this year, we called for service. If you would kindly review the attached log, you'll see that we had to place four calls before we received a callback, and it was two full days before a technician arrived.

This level of responsiveness is unacceptable to us and is below your stated guarantee; therefore, I am writing to request a partial refund of our maintenance contract. It seems to me that a refund of one month's fee would be fair. Please ensure that a check for that amount is sent directly to our accounts payable department.


Your name and title here

Figure 1.1 A Formal Letter on Letterhead

Semite contract

From: John Williams <jw J11¡:imsëy:ihoo,ôôim> Data: Saturday, J um 22, 2D02 4;02 I'M To: Usaqiiarthllnkjiet Subject: Service contract

111 Chip:

Having worked wititi you for so many years. I thought I'd lake you up yioiir "contact me anytime" offer, So Jierc goes.

When we ciiUvJ for service on Sept. 6, we expected your usual excellent service, Instead—weît, let me |ust say ihat il'you check it oui. you'll s« that it took us four calls »nd tvwtiay£ before we goi iietp,

I'm thinking a one-month refund of our Service contract Is in aider. Pîhtk that sound fair to you?


Ytiur first hlml1 he rtf

Figure 1.2 An Informal E-mail

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