Wildcards and truncation

This involves substituting symbols for certain letters of a word so that the search engine will retrieve items with any letter in that spot in the word. The syntax may allow a symbol in the middle of a word (wildcard) or only at the end of the word (truncation). This feature makes it easier to search for related word groups, like woman and women by using a wildcard such as wom*n" Truncation can be useful to search for a group of words like invest, investor, investors, investing, investment, investments by submitting invest" rather than typing in all those terms separated by OR's. The only problem is that invest* will also retrieve investigate, investigated, investigator, investigation, investigating. The trick, then is to combine terms with an AND such as invest* AND stock* or bond* or financ* or money to try and narrow your retrieved set to the kind of documents you're looking for.

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The Free SEO Report

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