Kindle Money Mastery Review

Kindle Money Mastery

Kindle Money Mastery is a training program focused on how to earn through the selling of Kindle books on Amazon. It offers the best training, not only to writers but also to non-writers. It teaches the art of subcontracting content creation appropriately and gets your eBook to attain a higher ranking on Amazon. It is a creation of Stefan Pylarinos, a philanthropist, business trainer, and an internet entrepreneur. All the works he has done in the past have received positive commendations. Even, though he is not a Ph.D. holder, Stefan earns significantly from writing, and he intends to help do the same through this guide. So then, if you have a passion for writing and you would like to make fortunes from that, this training is all you need. This is the most proven step by step system when it comes to making money from kindle publishing. Are you a newbie? You still don't have to worry about writing the books individually; someone will do that for you. There is more to learn from this guide, and as we are going to see, it has been proved legit and effective.

What You Will Learn From Kindle Money Mastery

The following are some of the things you are going to earn from the guide:

  • Learn how to find a profitable niche
  • You will learn the most effective way of picking a category for your book.
  • Learn how to design a title cover that attracts the attention of people.
  • Discover the most natural way of creating your cash producing kindle e-book and get it published instantly.
  • Learn the techniques that will help you attract positive reviews.
  • The most appropriate strategies of marketing your e-Books
  • Learn how to use social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter
  • You will learn how to deal with negative reviews in the most effective way.

An Overview of the Content

You may be curious to know precisely what is contained in the guide because we are talking about making thousands of dollars from it. Well, as you would expect, there is a lot of information necessary for your training. This is an Everything You Need To Know System and contains the following modules:

  • Lesson 1: Finding A Profitable Niche
  • Lesson 2: Keyword Research
  • Lesson 3: Creating A Title That Sells
  • Lesson 4: Design A Cover That Sells
  • Lesson 5: Kindle Book Creation
  • Lesson 6: Preparing Your Book For Publishing
  • Lesson 7: Creating A KDP Account
  • Lesson 8: Publishing Your Book On Kindle
  • Lesson 9: Viewing Your Kindle Book
  • Lesson 10: Getting Amazon Reviews
  • Lesson 11: Marketing Your Book On KDP Select
  • Lesson 12: Using Twitter & Facebook To Promote Your Book
  • Lesson 13: Additional Book Promotion Strategies
  • Lesson 14: Boosting Your Amazon Keyword Rankings
  • Lesson 15: Setting Up Your Amazon Author Central Account
  • Lesson 16: Monetizing Your Kindle Book
  • Lesson 17: Creating A Series Of Books & Monetizing The Back-End
  • Lesson 18: Dealing With Negative Reviews
  • Lesson 19: Scaling Up Your Kindle Books And Making More Money
  • Lesson 20: How To Make Your Books Profitable Long-Term
  • Lesson 21: How To Track, Manage & Optimize Your Kindle Books

Evidently, there is much to learn from the program. In all these topics, the author straightforwardly explains every detail.

Presentation of the Material                                                      

How then is the material in the guide presented? Well, there are various ways the author uses to present. The following are some of these techniques:

  • In-depth video tutorials. The guide has more than 30 video lessons for guidance and direction.
  • Downloadable lesson worksheets. Each of the lessons in the guide contains downloadable PDF lesson worksheets to facilitate learning.
  • My personal toolbox. This is the toolbox from the author that contains all the tools resources he uses to conduct his business. It is available to you to facilitate learning.

The Bonuses

Kindle Money Mastery is all about learning, and the author has gone out of his way to help you in this regard. The following bonuses are included in the package.

  • BONUS 1: Automation And Outsourcing With Virtual Assistants
  • BONUS 2: Goal Setting For Kindle Publishing
  • BONUS 3: Kindle Publishing Mindset & Philosophy For Success
  • BONUS 4: Kindle Publishing Ritual For Scaling Up
  • BONUS 5: Non-US Tax Requirements
  • BONUS 6: Creating A Corporation Or LLC For Your Kindle Business
  • BONUS 7: Accounting Basics For Your Kindle Business

Advantages of Kindle Money Mastery

  • Responsive customer support that will address all your concerns.
  • It is reasonably priced
  • It features a lot of learning materials that make everything easier for you.


  • Some lessons appear outdated
  • Advocates for 5000-word books

The Bottom Line

Kindle Money Mastery is a fantastic guide that has successfully helped individuals make money from selling their kindle books through Amazon. It is an excellent program that has attracted a lot of positive reviews from users. Grab your copy today and begin a life transformation course.

Kindle Money Mastery
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