The Farlex Grammar Book Review

The Farlex Grammar Book

Grammar is without a doubt one of the most daunting aspects of the English language, an area riddled with complexities, inconsistencies, and contradictions. It has also been in a state of flux for pretty much its entire existence. For native speakers of English, as well as for those learning it as a new language, grammar presents a very serious challenge to speaking and writing both accurately and effectively.
Having a single, reliable, go-to reference guide should, therefore, be indispensable to those trying to learn, improve, or perfect their speech or writing.

The farlex grammar book is what you need to enhance your vocabulary as well as writing English language effectively. This book is the most comprehensive guide to English grammar in everyday speech and writing. This product provides a clear, unambiguous, and comprehensive source of information that covers all the relevant topics of English grammar, while still being easy to understand and enjoyable to read.

Every topic in the book has been broken down into basic units. Each unit can be read and understood in its own right, but throughout the book, you will find cross-references to other sections and chapters to help make it clear how all the pieces fit together. If you're having trouble understanding something, try going back (or forward) to other related topics in the book.
Because English is such a flexible, inconsistent language, the "rules" that are often bandied about are usually not rules at all, but rather guides that reflect how the language is used. Accordingly, the guidelines contained within this book are just that--guidelines. They are not intended to provide constructive or prescriptive rules that confine everyone to a particular way of speaking or writing.
Learning how the English language works will enhance your engagement with speech and writing every day, from the books you read to the e-mails you write, to the conversations you have with friends and strangers alike.
As such, mastering grammar is not an exercise that is confined to the classroom. While it is certainly important to learn the structures, styles, and rules that shape the language, the key to truly learning English is to read and listen to the way people write and speak every day, from the most well-known authors to the people you talk to on the bus


Farlex International is the team behind, the online reference destination with 1 billion annual visits. is a compilation of dictionaries and encyclopedias from the world's most trusted publishers, including McGraw-Hill, Houghton Mifflin, and HarperCollins.

Since its founding in 2003, has grown to include a vast and diverse amount of reference content, including multiple thesaurus sources and specialty dictionaries covering fields such as grammar, science, medicine, law, finance, idioms and slang, acronyms, computing, and more, as well as dictionaries in 14 other languages.

Farlex dictionary apps powered by The Free Dictionary have been downloaded by tens of millions of users across multiple platforms, with top ratings after hundreds of thousands of user reviews.


This book is divided into 3 volumes for you to be able to understand and write English language accurately.


Complete English Grammar Rules is a comprehensive English grammar guide covering both basic and advanced grammar rules. Learn proper English grammar with simple, in-depth explanations, featuring key exceptions, common grammar mistakes, and thousands of real-world usage examples, plus valuable grammar exercises - every topic includes a grammar quiz. This book volume contains all the rules of grammar, explained in simple terms. With this volume you will be able to:

  • Quickly master Basic English grammar while learning more advanced topics along the way.
  • Easily identify nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, and other parts of speech.
  • Master verb tenses and conjugation, including irregular verbs and exceptions.
  • Learn about every type of sentence and avoid common writing mistakes.
  • Test your knowledge with grammar quizzes designed to help you retain the most important information

Get the only punctuation guide with simple, easy-to-remember rules for all punctuation marks: periods; commas; semicolons; colons; question marks; exclamation points; apostrophes; quotation marks; hyphens; dashes; parentheses; and more (even lesser-known symbols).

With this guide you will quickly learn;

  • Where to use commas
  • When to use a semicolon (and when not to)
  • Whether to place punctuation inside or outside quotation marks
  • How to properly form possessives and plurals
  • And everything you need to punctuate confidently!

Forget about memorizing the hundreds of thousands of words in the English language. Get the only spelling and pronunciation guide that gives you all the tools you need to tackle even the hardest words to spell and say.

With this worksheet, you will be able to:

  • Correct and incorrect examples displayed side-by-side.
  • Quizzes after every lesson.
  • Simple tips and tricks to avoid the most commonly misspelled words and pronunciation mistakes.
The Farlex Grammar Book
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